Vision & Values

Vision & Values



A Community of Learners, Achieving Together


Aim High-

  • By making positive choices to achieve your best.
  • Setting personal goals so you learn something new or do something better.
  • By being curious and discovering new skills and knowledge. 

Be Organised-

  • I have everything prepared, so I are ready to learn.
  • I am responsible for my belongings.
  • By making time in my day to complete important tasks or to practice. 

Bounce Forward-

  • To overcome challenges I use a growth mindset.
  • I respond, not react, to situations that upset me.
  • I am resilient when something may not go to plan.

Show Respect-

  • To yourself first.
  • To others by what you say, do and show.
  • By seeking to understand differences in others opinions, beliefs and customs. 

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