Working Bee Roster


Click on the link to view the    Working Bee Roster - 2018

Prior to attending the working bee please read the   Volunteer Induction Handbook  

When signing the 'Attendance Sheet' you will be acknowledging that you have read and understood the O H & S requirements involved.

If you would like to change your dates from last year’s roster, please call me at school. 59644570
Thank you for your support. Sincere thanks, Dee DeKlin

Each year we prepare a roster so that the workload can be spread evenly among all families. 

Our working bees have been so successful over the years due to the large number of parents who have supported the system.

We have appreciated the hard work and the time you have given to keep our school clean and tidy.  We are keen to keep this tradition going for future years.

Each family is required to attend only once throughout the year, to help maintain and further improve our school grounds.  Each month a list of jobs is assigned to the nominated group.  The coordinator of that group will contact you and advise you of the tasks required to be completed and of the equipment you may need to bring.

A parent from each group is in charge of their ‘crew’ and will direct jobs for the morning (9:00am – 12:00pm).

Tasks may include minor works jobs such as plumbing, concreting, painting, mulching, cleaning, paving, gardening etc.  Materials for approved tasks will be purchased by the school.  A teacher will be present at each working bee to support the team.

If you have any ideas for working bees and would like to help with the decisions and future planning of the school, please contact the school office. 

If you are unable to attend on your allocated day, please contact your coordinator so that a more suitable day can be arranged.  Remember – this is only one day per year.  

The work carried out by parents saves the school enormous costs by not having to officially employ a regular gardener or handyman.  The school buildings and grounds always require care and attention.  It is important that we keep up with these demands.  In doing so, the children and teachers all appreciate working in a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.