Student Welfare


Our School Values:

Show Respect,   Be Organised,   Aim High,   Bounce Forward (Be Resilient)

Student Wellbeing

Wandin North Primary School places great emphasis on the wellbeing of the children in our care.  We believe our school provides a safe and happy environment where children respect each other and care for one another.

Everyone is encouraged to understand and follow our school values during work and at play.


Play Time

During recess and at lunchtime there are always teachers in the yard to give assistance to children.  We instil very clear expectations about behaviour, honesty and respect for everyone.  Behaviours such as bullying (the repeated targeting of a student in a way that causes distress) are rigorously addressed.

All children are able to play in all unrestricted areas of the school.  Preps mainly use the small playground for climbing, swinging and playing fantasy games. They also have a large sandpit nearby.  Initially Prep children are very closely supervised in these areas, but they very quickly gain enough confidence to begin exploring further afield in the schoolyard.

Prep Buddies

Grade Six students look forward to regular classroom interaction with their younger buddies, such as eating lunch together, making things which might otherwise be too difficult for the preps alone, reading to each other etc. Buddies are assigned to new preps in December before school begins. When teachers become familiar with new Preps, they consider the special needs of each child and partner them with an appropriate Grade Six buddy.  Grade Six children are encouraged to play with their prep Buddies out in the yard and help them to make new friends of their own age.