Prep Transition

Welcome to Wandin North PS

We are delighted to invite you to our Prep Orientation Program for beginning Prep in 2018.

Prep Transition Days 

Wednesday  2nd August  2017     9.15—10.15am  

Wednesday  6th September  2017     9.15—10.15am  

Wednesday  11th October 2017      9.15—10.15am 

Wednesday  1st November 2017     9.15—10.15am  

Wednesday  6th December  2017    9.15—11.00am   ‘Get to know your buddy and teachers!’

Children will be introduced to their Buddies for 2017 and will participate in a number of exciting activities with their new Buddy and their teachers.


Parents are welcome to stay for these sessions.  We hope that you will be able to speak with the teachers, interact with other parents and watch the children enjoy themselves. 

The purpose of the program is:

To help children to:

  • familiarise themselves with the classroom and school surroundings
  • be introduced to some basic routines of the classroom
  • have an opportunity to meet and work with other new Prep children

To help parents to:

  • gain a greater understanding of the requirements of the school
  • learn about the school curriculum
  • gain a better understanding of how to help their child at home

For teachers to observe:

  • how the children interact with others
  • the children’s ability to concentrate, listen and follow instructions
  • the children’s fine motor skills, such as cutting and drawing.

We welcome parent helpers in the classrooms.  To be able to assist with school activites and excursions parents are required to obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC).  You will also need to complete our 'Code of Conduct' and provide 2 referees.

Cod of Conduct forms are available from the school office.

Applications for a WWCC are available online :

A Snapshot of Our School

  • Caring, Professional Teachers committed to Excellence   
  • Excellent Literacy and Numeracy Programs
  • Small Class Sizes
  • New, Modern Facilities for All Students
  • Extensive Shady Playgrounds and Court Areas
  • Prep/Grade 6 Buddy Program
  • Laptop Computers in All Classrooms
  • Individual NetBooks available to all senior students
  • Interactive Whiteboards in All Classrooms
  • REAL Science Programs
  • Enrichment Programs to Enhance Student Engagement
  • Whole School Values /  Student Wellbeing Policies
  • Programs to Support Special Needs
  • Extension Math Classes
  • Indonesian as Second Language
  • Waste Wise and Working Towards a Sustainable Future
  • Annual School Concert
  • Camps, Excursions and Special Events
  • Annual Book Fair
  • Afterschool Care Program

Please contact us now to arrange a time to visit our school.