Literacy covers the areas of reading, writing and spelling.  At Wandin North we have whole school planning to cover each of these areas so that we have consistency across all grades.  We plan for ten hours of Literacy each week.

We do reading activities for five hours per week.  We usually do reading rotations for at least four of those hours.  The sessions commence with a class focus on a specific reading criteria that is woven into each of the group activities.  The teacher has a guided reading group who they work with, on specific tasks relating to their abilities.  The other groups work independently on activities selected for their ability levels.  All activities are based on the student's capabilities in reading.  Reading looks at more than just being able to read a text.  It encompasses using expression when reading, understanding what the text literally means, being able to make inferences about the text and the author, looking at points of view, characters, settings and many other things. 

Spelling and writing take up the other five hours of Literacy.  Each sessions will start with twenty minutes of spelling activities.  This will incorporate grammar, punctuation, spelling rules and dictation.  Spelling sounds are taught over a two week period.  The new sound fortnight starts with a pretest to determine what level the students are for that sound.  Over the fortnight they practice their words through a variety of activities and it finishes with a post test that shows the improvement made.  Writing time is for the rest of the hour.  Each grade will study different genres throughout the year and the sessions revolve around planning, drafting, editing, proof reading and publishing. 

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