Maths covers all the areas of number, space, measurement, chance and data.

We dedicate seven hours per week to Maths.  Grades 2 to 6 usually spend four of those hours learning about number.  This is a time when we do group work based on the results of the pretest given at the beginning of the unit.  The pretest shows what the students know and where the teaching needs to commence.  The students work through a range of activites to help them learn more about the topic and to expand their knowledge.  The other three hours are spent on the rest of the Maths Curriculum, usually as a whole grade activity that allows the students to work at their own level.  The Preps and Grade Ones mainly change their topic on a  weekly basis and vary between group and whole class work.  They also do pretesting at the start of the week and finish with a post test, just like the other grades do.

We also run weekly extension maths for students in Grades 3 to 6.  These students show an extra ability in this area and we give them a range of challenging activities to extend their understandings.  Students are chosen in consultation with the class teachers.

Our school supports the Mathletics program and it is used across all grades in the school.  It is used extensively in each room and is part of our daily maths sessions.