Stars of the Week
Every week at Monday assembly, each class teacher presents an award to a student in their class who has demonstrated outstanding work.

Values Awards
Students at each grade level work towards achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards for displaying exemplary behaviour based on our school values of respect, resilience, organisation and high expectations.

Young Leaders Awards
One student from each class is awarded a certificate at the end of the year in recognition of having great leadership skills and a positive influence on others.
Dux of the Class
Each teacher selects a student who is considered ’best in the class’ indicating high achievement levels for their age, good work habits, and consistent good behaviour. This is presented at the end of the year.
Most Improved Award
These students have given their best effort to improve in their personal goals. 
Bendigo Bank Award
This award is presented at the final assembly. On behalf of Jackie Butler, Manager of the Wandin Seville Community Bank, an education award is presented to the student who shown the most community spirit during this school year.  As in previous years, this award is given to a grade 5 student who has demonstrated commitment to his/her work and a willingness to take on a leadership role in the school.


Citizen of the Year
On behalf of all the staff at Wandin North, this award is presented at the final assembly to one student in recognition of promoting a positive image of youth and setting a wonderful example to their peers.  This award recognizes excellence, courage and the pursuit of well being for all our students.

Rotary Awards
The Wandin Rotary Club is proud to present a certificate and an engraved Junior Citizenship Plaque to a boy and a girl from grade 6.   Each of these students has been enthusiastically involved in activities either as an individual or as part of a school group.  These awards are presented at the final assembly.
Principal’s Award
At our final assembly of the year, one student will receive an award for consistently adhering to our school values and for showing great confidence and leadership in work and at play
Marathon Awards
These students have completed more than 50km of the fitness track per year.
Fitness Track Top Ten
These students have often completed more than 200km of the fitness track throughout the year.

Music Awards
These students have achieved high standards in piano / keyboard during the year.

Attendance Awards
Each semester, 100 Day Awards are presented to students who attend school every day.  There is an identified correlation between student attendance and their academic achievement.  Students who attend school regularly achieve greater success than those with high levels of absenteeism.