On Tuesday 1st September 2015 Wandin North Primary School will celebrate our 100th birthday.   We will be planning various activities for past and present students and invite you all to attend between 1:00 -4:30pm.     Please click on the  News & Events  tab for more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Wandin North Primary School opened in 1915 with an enrolment of 20 students.

On the 19th of July in 1915, the Inspector of Works certified that the new building, on an area of almost 5 acres, was completed and ready for occupation.

The school building was a 21’ 6” x 21’ wooden construction costing 359 pounds (according to the Public Works Department certificates).

The school was officially opened on the 1st September 1915.  The Head Teacher was Fanny Hill.

To find out more about the History of Wandin North Primary School, click here to view pages are excepts from "From Then Till Now" 1915 - 1988 complied by Bruce Douglas & John Donald.

In the early hours of the 11th of March 2006 a fire destroyed the original building that was being used as the staffroom and another relocatable building that contained the library and computer centre.  

With the assistance of parents, students and staff, community groups and the generousity of public donations the school was able to recover and flourish into the wonderful learning environment we have today.


Back row (Left to Right): Ethel Howell, Daisy Watson, Doris Brook, Rose Watson, Edna Brook, Lily Atkinson, Clarence Hunter, Barbara Cornwell

Front Row (Left to Right): Algie Watson, Louis Kolling, Charlie Evans, Fred jacob, Jack Atkinson, Bert Thurrowgood, Ossie King, Cedric King, Arthur Thurrowgood, Wallace Hunter, Stan Atkinson