Camps and Excursions

Each year we have the following camps organised:

Students from Grades 2-6 take part in our School Camps Program. Part of this involves a 4 day camp for students in Grade 5-6; a 3 day camp for students in Grades 3-4 & and an overnight camp for Grade 2 students.

Grade 1 students participate in a "school sleepover", and Prep children take part in a "Late Night In" at school.

School camps are a highlight of the students' primary school years and an event not to be missed.


Excursions :  All students have an opportunity to attend Excursion/Incursions througout the year.  At the start of each year, a list of dates will be released.

Interschool Sport

Dates for Interschool Sport can be obtained from the school office.