Class sizes

In 2018, we currently have 294 students and 14 classes.  Every class has small numbers to help the teachers accommodate for individual student needs.  Teachers and students all enjoy the space and the quiet atmosphere in which they are able to work.

Before the end of the school year, we have a whole school transition day where they all have an opportunity to become familiar with their new classes in preparation for the following year.  We encourage parents to discuss with their children the positive benefits of their new peers and new teacher, and the opportunities they will have to make new friendships and gain new skills.

Considering class combinations and collating these classes at the end of each year takes many hours.  We take into account working relationships between students and students and between teachers and students.  We consider family relationships and student friendships. We acknowledge the educational requests from parents and teachers and measure the special needs of individual students and hence, thoughtfully place them accordingly.  This is not an easy task.   However, we provide the best possible combinations for effective student learning.

Parents are given anopportunity to express relevant educational issues relating to the placement of their child prior to the process beginning.   Please see the  2012_Student_Placement_Policy.pdf  for more details

Whilst some students may initially prefer to be with students other than those in their class, they are reminded that class time is for teaching and learning and recess times are reserved for play.  At recess times, the students are not restricted to play only with students from their class.  They are allowed to play with any students in the school and from all accounts, this is what they do.

We are fortunate to have high quality teachers and a community that supports our endeavours.